​​​​​​​Making Medicine Smarter - Annual Report
With a focus on clarity, sophistication, and impact, the design concept for the 2010 Annual Report seamlessly blended aesthetic appeal with strategic messaging. Through meticulous layout, vibrant visuals, and compelling narrative, we aimed to convey Medco's complex initiatives in a concise and accessible manner.​​​​​​​
The 2010 Annual Report served as a powerful tool for Medco Health Solutions, garnering acclaim from stakeholders and industry peers alike. By effectively communicating their commitment to making medicine smarter, the report not only reinforced Medco's position as a leader in pharmacy benefit management but also inspired confidence in their innovative vision for the future of healthcare.
Developing Medco Health Solutions 2010 Annual Report stands as a testament to the transformative power of design in communicating complex ideas and shaping perceptions. As design leaders in healthcare communications, we remain committed to developing strategic designed pieces that drive meaningful change and inspire progress in the industry.
Creative Direction  |  Custom Photo Shoot   |   Photo Retouching  |  Collaboration with Writer  |  Design  |  Project Management
• Visual Storytelling: We leveraged captivating imagery to narrate Medco's journey towards making medicine smarter, ensuring that complex data and concepts were easily digestible for stakeholders.
• Emphasis on Innovation: Our design elements underscored Medco's innovative approaches to healthcare, highlighting breakthroughs and advancements that set them apart in the industry.
• Seamless Integration: Every aspect of the annual report, from typography to color scheme, was meticulously crafted to align with Medco's brand identity and messaging, ensuring a cohesive and impactful presentation.
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