Welcome to the showcase of our creative development work for Medco Health Solutions' "Making Medicine Smarter" Annual Report 2009. We collaborated closely with Medco Health Solutions leadership team to bring their vision to life through strategic creative direction, innovative design, and seamless project management.
We embarked on a journey to visually interpret Medco Health Solutions' new tagline, "Making Medicine Smarter," within the context of their annual report. Through a blend of creativity and strategic thinking, we aimed to communicate the company's commitment to advancing healthcare intelligence and innovation.
Explore our captivating visuals that vividly bring Medco Health Solutions' story to life through our creative development process. Each image within our annual report embodies the essence of "Making Medicine Smarter" and reflects our commitment to impactful design and thoughtful collaboration.
Creative Direction  |  Design  |  Collaboration with writer  |  Project Management

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