We are thrilled showcase our design and development work on the MainStay Funds GenX Research Report. This groundbreaking project marks the first time generational research has been performed specifically on investing habits, focusing on the influential GenX demographic. With 52 million Americans identified as GenX Investors, this research piece was meticulously crafted to inform and educate the sales team on this generation's investment attitudes, behaviors, objectives, and priorities. Through collaboration with Forester Research, we conducted a comprehensive survey of 515 U.S. consumers ages 22 to 36, highlighting key findings in this report and presenting them through both print and digital media channels. From creative direction to design and production, our team ensured that this report not only captured the essence of GenX investors but also provided valuable insights for MainStay Funds. Explore the visuals below to see how our strategic approach and creative expertise have driven successful outcomes in informing and educating on key insights and investment trends.
Creative Direction    |    Collaboration with Forester Research    |    Design    |    Production

"Few GenXers are investing sufficiently - or aggressively enough -
to achieve their ambitious retirement goals"
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