Below, explore the creative work we crafted for Cedar Gate Technologies: custom icons designed to simplify complexities within the healthcare analytics industry. At Kinnelon Design, we specialize in transforming complexity into clarity, and these icons serve as visual aids to simplify intricate concepts and data within the healthcare industry. Each icon was meticulously designed to convey information intuitively, empowering users to navigate through complex data with ease. Explore our custom iconography and witness how we bring simplicity and effectiveness to Cedar Gate Technologies' analytics solutions.​​​​​​​
Master a complicated subject, no worries. Create a breakthrough campaign, no worries.
Get it done by yesterday, no worries. 
During the past 10+ years I've asked Dana and her team to address each of these challenges and they have.
Developing innovative and timely communication that positively impacted our business. 

- Jack Smith
Chief Marketing Officer
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