Sports Program: Branding + Identity + Social Media
Welcome to our collaboration with Blackhawks Lacrosse Sports Program! At Kinnelon Design, we're passionate about supporting nonprofits in achieving their goals and promoting their mission. For Blackhawks Lacrosse, we partnered with them to develop a comprehensive social media and brand identity rollout strategy aimed at amplifying their presence and expanding their season roster. Through a targeted 3-month rollout plan, we implemented strategic changes including the creation and modification of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts, as well as providing guidance on email direction and template creation. The results were remarkable, with enrollments doubling in the first year alone. Join us as we explore the journey of transforming Blackhawks Lacrosse into a thriving and impactful organization.
Assist non-profit in developing a social media & new brand identity rollout strategy. Goal to help promote their mission & grow their season roaster. Achievements: 3 month roll out plan. Creation and modification of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts. Email direction & template creation. Enrollments doubled in the first year.
Need help with identity and/or social media program?
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