9 Leading Trends Campaign
We are thrilled to share the inaugural B2B Pharmacy Benefit Research Report, meticulously designed to attract prospects, foster client relationships, and aid in both winning and retaining clients.
This independent national survey research report on pharmacy benefit management stands as a beacon of industry leadership, offering comprehensive insights into the complexities of pharmacy benefits. From addressing adherence challenges to improving health outcomes and reducing costs, our report is poised to revolutionize the landscape of pharmacy benefit management.
The 9 Trends report positions Medco as a thought leader in the field, while also providing our sales team with a powerful lead generation tool. This piece was used as a lead generation campaign, which included postcards, posters, and a custom website form that needed to be filled out to receive a copy of the printed report containing key industry statistics.
These 9 key research based trends helped to shape the future of pharmacy benefit management and drove innovation and excellence in the healthcare industry.
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Prospect requests increased by more than 50% vs. previous years report.
Over 500 requests overall to date for this year’s edition
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